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As a sustainable & ethical brand, Devala is passionate about animal welfare from both a humane and an environmental standpoint. 

We believe in a world where all living beings are treated with kindness and compassion. The lack of ethical practices within animal agriculture is truly shocking, and the negative effects on our environment are staggering. With climate change as a major concern, it is no longer easy to ignore the massive environmental impact that our current food system has on planet. Raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gas than all forms of transportation combined. There will be a necessary shift as awareness of these subjects begins to spread.

Devala is happy to partner with two amazing organizations who are having a major impact on the public awareness of these issues and fighting to produce real change for animals and for our environment. Devala donates a portion of every sale to help give back to these organizations and to support their efforts.



Mercy For Animals believes that a humane society is possible. We are committed to reducing the greatest amount of suffering for the largest number of animals. Our efforts focus on protecting farmed animals—the most abused and exploited animals on the planet—and utilize a broad range of strategic approaches that seek to expose cruelty, prosecute abusers, and inspire consumers to make compassionate food choices.

We are on the frontlines fighting to protect farmed animals. From factory farms to corporate boardrooms, courts of justice to courts of public opinion, MFA is there to speak up against cruelty, and for compassion.

MFA has helped more than 37 million farmed animals per year with legislation and has lead to 75 prosecutions for animal cruelty as a result of its investigations.

Find out more about the incredible work of MFA here.



From social justice to public health to sustainability, factory farming is one of the most serious issues facing the planet. By educating young people and stakeholder audiences about the realities of factory farming, FFAC works to build both a consumer base for a sustainable, compassionate food system and an informed citizenry that supports cultural and legislative change. 

Since its founding in 2010, FFAC has educated tens of thousands of people across North America. Thanks to a groundswell of public support, we have grown from a local all-volunteer effort to a national organization. Our presentations raise awareness about the impacts of animal agriculture, and empower people to take action through their daily food choices.

More than 88% of audience members pledge to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products after viewing this presentation. 

Find out more about the incredible work of FFAC here.


Amazing visual images by the very talented Samantha Fisher. Please visit her website to learn more about her wonderful work with animal sanctuaries at or connect on IG @sfisherx


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