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Q & A with Devala Co-Founder/Design Director Ananda Bhavani 


Q: What inspired you to create Devala?

 A: The idea originally came to me on one of the many 16-hour flights I’m required to take for my job in the apparel industry. I had found myself searching through my closet for something comfortable enough for long travel and also presentable. But I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted - the perfect combination between athleisure/active/lounge to keep me comfortable on a long flight. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to create my own line.  

Sustainability has always been very important to me, along with living a healthy active lifestyle. I wanted to create a brand that was eco-friendly without sacrificing style. While there are plenty of beautiful yoga brands on the market, none fit my personal core belief system or aesthetic. I wanted to create a product that represented the perfect symmetry between sustainability, comfort and style.


Q: What is the inspiration behind the brand message?

A: I grew up in a family of creatives in an alternative community centered around meditation and yoga. I have been aware of the importance of balancing our inner and outer lives since childhood and experienced the physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of a yoga practice.

Our brand message is, “Find Your Center.” Our mission is to encourage and inspire people to center their lives around genuine wellness. We believe that happiness is built from the inside out, created by a routine of self-care and making life choices everyday that align with our deepest core beliefs. Devala is collaborating with leaders within in the wellness space who align with our mission to help inspire others to live their lives with passion and purpose, and to become their best selves.


Q: What is the meaning behind the name Devala?

A: I grew up on 35 wooded acres in the country. I used to ride horses every day after school on trails winding through the woods. Devala was actually the name of my favorite horse. She was a purebred Arabian and a very beautiful, wild energetic creature. I wanted to capture the same free spirit in this brand, evoking the unbridled beauty and energy of nature.


Q: How would you overall describe the aesthetic of Devala?

A: Devala represents effortless feminine beauty for the free spirit. Streamlined, minimalist elegance inspired by the colors & patterns found in nature. We create timeless, essential silhouettes that can be worn year after year. We believe in slow fashion rather than chasing the latest trend. Our collections can be pieced together in many different ways, allowing you to create multiple looks with minimal pieces. We make each design in very limited numbers, so nothing is mass-produced.


Q: What does sustainability mean to you?

A: I believe sustainable business is no longer a choice, but has really become a social responsibility. To me, it is not about perfection, but having an awareness and commitment to continually evolve and find more sustainable solutions. We have come to a to a tipping point with our environment and must focus on doing things differently to be able to preserve our planet for future generations.

Currently, our collections are created using recycled poly from plastic bottles and plant-based cellulose fibers that are chemical-free and completely biodegradable. Our packaging is made from biodegradable cellulose plastic and recycled cardboard. We are always moving towards more sustainable innovation and have future plans to expand our collections to utilize many new plant-based, recycled & reclaimed materials as we grow.


Q: What would be your ideal vision for giving back to the world?

A: Ideally, I think every business venture needs a component for giving back to be relevant in today’s world. I have always had a deep love for animals and have been following a plant-based diet since birth. With Climate Change as a major concern, it is no longer easy to ignore the massive environmental impact that our current food system has on planet. Raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gas than all forms of transportation combined. Devala donates a portion of every sale to Mercy For Animals, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and educates people about the environmental impact of animal agriculture and campaigns for humane treatment for all farmed animals. You can read more about them on our website.

I believe that one day we will live in a world where all living beings are treated with respect and love.  We are happy to help support those organizations who are working to make this a reality. Together we can create immeasurable change.



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